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​Dr. Patrick V. Reid

Dr. Patrick V. Reid(Ph.D.  St. Mary’s Seminary and University, 1981). He teaches and publishes in the area of Old Testament studies. Dr. Reid has been teaching at Providence College since 1977. Some of the many courses he has taught include: Old Testament: Literature and Theology; New Testament: Literature and Theology; Pauline Epistles; History of Pre-exilic Israel; The Wisdom Literature; and The Psalms as Christian Prayer.  Dr. Reid also writes a weekly column on the lectionary for the Rhode Island Catholic.


Dr. Reid’s publications include:

  • Readings in Western Religious Thought: The Ancient World (Paulist Press, 1987).
  • Readings in Western Religious Thought: Middle Ages through Reformation (Paulist Press, 1994).
  • Moses’s Staff and Aeneas’s Shield: The Way of the Torah Versus Classical Heroism (University Press of America, 2005).
  • “The Origins of the Monarchy in Israel,” The Bible Today 63 (1973).
  •  “shbty in 2 Samuel 7:7,” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 37 (1975).
  • “Paul as a Model for Evangelization,” Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture 30.2 (Spring, 1995).