Theology at Providence College

Dr. Dana Dillon Ph.D, Assistant Professor Theology teaching a round table class

Theology at Providence College

The theology program at Providence College draws upon sacred scripture and the Church’s tradition in pursuing scholarly, theological inquiry “from the heart of the Church.” Our program provides a foundation of knowledge in the teachings of the Catholic Church and explores the best of contemporary scholarship in Scripture, moral and spiritual theology, liturgy, and systematics.

Through this multi-faceted approach, students not only learn about the nature of God and the history of the Church, they also examine the role of Catholic thought and theology in today’s world. Our program is also designed to allow students to specialize in a particular area of theology according to their own professional and personal objectives. Whatever their specialty, our graduates leave prepared to make a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.


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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Theology courses are designed to provide a balance between study of the historical Catholic theological tradition and exploration of contemporary scholarship in Catholic theology. At the same time, students have the flexibility to specialize in a particular area of theology: biblical theology, systematic and historical theology, spiritual theology, or moral theology. Upon completion of the undergraduate program, students have the opportunity to continue their studies with our graduate program, which leads to a master of arts in theology, biblical studies, or pastoral ministry.

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A minor in theology allows students in any major to pursue an interest in the study of theology through a structured program of six theology courses. Our graduates have gone on to become teachers in colleges or seminaries, ordained priests and ministers, editors of Catholic newspapers, major religious filmmakers, diocesan and parish directors of religious education, high school and grade school teachers of religion, and pastoral assistants in parishes.

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Immerse yourself in the traditions of the Catholic Church through the PC in Rome program

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Participate in Jewish-Catholic Theological Exchange Committee (JCTE) event or lecture

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The department offers students the benefit of a large and diverse faculty of expert theologians. Many have studied other disciplines in addition to theology, offering unique interdisciplinary insight into the role of spirituality and morality on topics such as economics, philosophy, and biology.

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Experiential Learning Opportunities

The theology department, like so many others around campus, offers students the opportunity to be active participants in their learning outside of the classroom. Here are a couple of examples of recent engaged learning experiences.

Sustainable Micro-flushing Toilets in Ethiopia

The Global Sustainable Aid Project has now been placed in the hands of Dr. Terrence McGoldrick, associate professor of theology. This organization trains workers and students in Ethiopia to build micro-flush toilets.

A New Adventure in China

This project, led by Tianyi Yuan ’20, explored the inculturation and vitality of faith that made the mission of ancient Syrian Nestorian Christianity into China possible. 



of 2018-2022 graduates are employed and/or attending graduate school


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Selected Places of Employment/Service

Archdiocese of Baltimore
Fordham University
St. Brigid and Gate of Heaven Catholic Churches
The Panther Group
Ursuline Academy

Selected Graduate Schools

Brandeis University
Elon University School of Law
Georgetown University Law Center
New York University Steinhardt
Northeastern University, School of Law
Notre Dame University
Providence College
University of Connecticut School of Law
University of Notre Dame
Villanova University


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