Terence McGoldrick


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St. Catherine of Siena Hall 211


S.T.D. - University of Fribourg

Area(s) of Expertise:

Catholic Social Ethics, Christian Life/Spirituality, Business Ethics, Moral Theology

Selected Publications:

McGoldrick, T. (2022) In J.-M. Gueullette O.P. (Ed.), La beauté conduit l’âme à Dieu: La Théologie de la création de François de Sales . Paris: Cerf

McGoldrick, T. (2020) Francis de Sales and the Jews. .(82), 69-102.

McGoldrick, T. (2020) Indigenous Community Cooperatives, A New Paradigm for Integral Ecology. Journal of Catholic Social Thought.(17), 22.

McGoldrick, T. (2019) El Agua Como Derecho Humano. Estudios .(XVII), 18.

McGoldrick, T. (2018) A Theological Argument for Water as a Human Right: The Bolivian Pachamama/Mother Nature Encounter with Catholic Social Thought. Journal of Catholic Social Thought.(15), 29.

McGoldrick, T. (2017) The Living Word, Francis de Sales a Humanist Biblical Theologian of the Renaissance. Center Valley, PA: Salesian Center for Faith and Culure

McGoldrick, T. (2015) The Ascent of Marriage as Vocation and Sacrament. Francis de Sales’ Christian Humanist Theology of Marriage. A New and Old Vision between Two Competing Traditions on the Highest Vocation from the Apostolic Church to Erasmus. . .(vol. 77, ), 207-249.

McGoldrick, T. (2014) Episcopal Conferences Worldwide and Catholic Social Thought, in Theory and Praxis: An Update, . .(v.75), pp.376-403.

McGoldrick, T. (2014) “Everything in Marriage is Holy”. Francis de Sales, A Christian Humanist Theology of Marriage. .( 75), 761-780.

McGoldrick, T. (2012) ”The Spirituality of Human Consciousness, A Catholic Evaluation of Some Neuro-scientific Interpretations”. .(18),

Selected Presentations:

McGoldrick, T. 6th International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society. Common Ground Publishing, Catholic University of America - "A Theological Argument for Water as a Human Right: The Andean Pachamama Mother Earth Encounter with Catholic Social Thought" March, 2015

McGoldrick, T. Peace, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Celebrating Pacem in Terris 50th. University of Notre Dame, Center for Social Concern, South Bend, IN - "Episcopal Conferences of the Developing World’s Peace and Justice Efforts" March, 2015

McGoldrick, T. Vatican II: Remembering the Future. , Georgetown University, Washington, DC - "• The Role of Episcopal Conferences of the Global South in Applying Catholic Social Teaching in Theory and Praxis. " March, 2015

McGoldrick, T. Bi-Annual Salesian Scholars Seminar. , Stella Niagara, NY - "Paper: Francis deSales's Christian Humanist Case for the Sacrament of Marriage's Parity with Celibacy: A New and Traditional Reading of 1 Corinthians 7" October, 2014

McGoldrick, T. Catholic Theological Society of America. , San Diego, CA - "Paper: The CST Evaluation of Water as a Human Right in Bolivia and Collective Indigeneous Property Rights: A Case Study" June, 2014

McGoldrick, T. Catholic Social Traditions. , South Bend, IN - "Practical Prophets Episcopal Conferences of the Developing World’s Efforts Towards Peace and Justice " March, 2013

McGoldrick, T. Seminar of Salesian Scholars. , Buffalo, NY - "Everything in Marriage is Holy: Francis de Sales, a Christian Humanist Theology of Marriage" October, 2012

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