Nicanor Austriaco O.P.


Contact Information:


Sowa Hall 229B


S.T.D. - Moral Theology, University of Fribourg

Ph.D. - Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area(s) of Expertise:

Biology of cancer, aging, and programmed cell death, health care ethics and bioethics in the Catholic tradition, philosophical and theological implications of modern evolutionary theory.

Selected Publications:

Laprade, D. Brown, M. McCarthy, M. Ritch, J. Austriaco, O.P., N. (2016) Filamentation protects Candida albicans from amphotericin B-induced programmed cell death via a mechanism involving the yeast metacaspase, MCA1. Microbial Cell.(3), 285-292.

Austriaco, O.P., N. (2016) A Philosophical Assessment of TK's Autopsy Report: Implications for the Debate Over the Brain Death Criteria. Linacre Quarterly.(83), 192-202.

Austriaco, O.P., N. (2015) Abortion Shame, Abortion Shaming, and the Reintegrative Mercy of God (Evangelium vitae, ยง99). Nova et Vetera.(13), 115-128.

Austriaco, O.P., N. (2015) A Fittingness Argument for the Historicity of the Fall of Homo sapiens. Nova et Vetera.(13), 651-667.

Austriaco, O.P., N. (2015) Bioethics in Laudato Si: The Ecological Law as a Moral Principle. National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.(15), 657-664.

Chin, C. Donaghey, F. Helming, K. McCarthy, M. Rogers, S. Austriaco, O.P., N. (2014) Deletion of AIF1 but not of YCA1/MCA1 protects Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans cells from caspofungin-induced programmed cell death. Microbial Cell.(1), 58-63.

Cascio, V. Gittings, D. Merloni, K. Hurton, M. Laprade, D. Austriaco, O.P., N. (2013) S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine protects the probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii from acid-induced cell death. BMC Microbiology.(13), 35.

Austriaco, O.P., N. (2011) Biomedicine and Beatitude: An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press

Cebulski, J. Malouin, J. Pinches, N. Cascio, V. Austriaco, O.P., N. (2011) Yeast Bax Inhibitor, Bxi1p, is an ER-localized Protein that Links the Unfolded Protein Response and Programmed Cell Death in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PLoS ONE.(6), e20882.

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